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Tabtor Math Delivers Amazing results for Schools, Students, and Teachers


  • Math on Digital Paper: Highly visual and interactive worksheets keep students engaged.
  • Automated Triage and Alerts: Help identify when a student is struggling and where. 
  • Point-of-Learning Analytics: Allows you to “peek-into” every key-stroke and pen-stroke of each student. Comprehensive and CCSS-aligned Mastery Matrix enables teachers to provide students with tailored assignments to bridge gaps.
  • Personalize Assignments: From our repository of CCSS mapped content or create your own. 
  • Common Core: Create your own CCSS aligned content using our content authoring tool
  • Gamified Learning: Makes learning fun and engaging for students.
  • Diagnostics and Reporting: Teachers, and school administrators can get daily and weekly reports on a student performance with a single touch. Pre and Post Diagnostics facilitate progress tracking.
  • Instructional Videos: Teachers can record their own video tutorials, in any language, for students to review in class or at home. Better yet, everything that any teacher creates in your school district is available for you to use.

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